Aidan Taylor


Aidan is researcher and practitioner based in South Wales and England. He is engaged in a wide variety of musics and approaches to music composition, and for the past couple of years has been developing his own music instruments. His work involves developing new music software, GUI and hardware interfaces for performance and distribution.

Here are some examples of his hardware pocket synthesisers:

Aidan also makes interactive software for gallery installations and performance


Cyclic is an ongoing project which has been realised in a number of software releases and gallery installations. The piece was originally conceived because of a number of moral-conflicts I had with the monetary value of producing and playing music – what is the value of a CD album or an mp3 in the endless sea of commercial music and what is the dividing gap between the performer and the audience? My personal conflict with these issues has never really been resolved and has made it increasingly difficult to compose and perform music. The Cyclic series aims to address this, by removing the spectacle and limited duration from a musical product, and by placing composition at the core as opposed to passive consumption. Cyclic puts instant music with almost endless possible combinations in the hands of the user, in a simple interface. No prior knowledge of music playing or composition is required by the user in order to engage with Cyclic and it can be downloaded for free @