Dorkbot Bristol

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Another interesting event where people do strange things with electricity, at the pervasive media studio later today. Heres a link to there website. And this is what will be taking place.

Phill Phelps will be coming along to show us his home made ‘copy cat’ tape loop machine made from an old twin compact cassette tape machine.

Our very own David B will be telling us about the plans for electronic graffiti (or is it crickets) he has for a future Dorkbot.

Mark Summers will be demoing his mobile-soundsystem-in-a-rucksack. It is apparently rather suprisingly good at big bass noises, so we might have to take it outside.

We have an update on the Hackspace Bristol proposal with news from Hamilton House and Bristol Wireless.

Finally Amias Channer will be making some music with a Tenori-On to see us out of the building and on to a local watering hole for post-dorkbotic refreshments.

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Jamie Thomas @ Interesting Sounds – Arnolfini

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Switch member Alexander Thomas is presenting his work in progress at Interesting Sounds at the Arnolfini, Bristol, this Sunday 26 April. Head to the event to learn about musical things that all sound very interesting!

Click here for more information on Interesting Sounds.


“You may have come across the Interesting events organised by Russell Davies.They were based on simple ideas – no frills, get people to come and talk about stuff they really care about, keep all the talks to around 10 minutes. If the thing you’re watching is a bit dull you know you’re not far from something else.

Now we introduce Interesting Sounds. We’re inviting people with interesting ideas, instruments, noise-making devices and so on – some leading practitioners in the field, some bedroom tinkerers, most somewherein between – to come, show and tell about them. It’s not about musiciansposturing, it’s about people making interesting sounds with interestingobjects. Tea and cake will be provided.”

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