Past Events

Dialogue .8

Tuesday 1st June 10 – From 7.00pm – FREE Entry
Attic Bar, Stokes Croft, Bristol

Dialogue 8

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Dialogue .7

Tuesday 11th May 10 – From 7.00pm – £3 Entry
Attic Bar, Stokes Croft, Bristol

Dialogue 7 Poster

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Dialogue .6

Tuesday 27th April 10 – From 7.00pm – £3 Entry
Attic Bar, Stokes Croft, Bristol

Dialogue .6 Flyer

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Dialogue is an eclectic series of events featuring new interactive instruments, experimental music video and live performance.
Come have a few drinks and check out some new music, noise and ideas!


Meditative vocals, blissful melodies, shock noise and an acousmatic blurring between objects and their sounds.

Matt Jackson
Live noise and glitch with a new musical interface.

Glitched-out mixer feedback mastery.

Playing from the vaults of landslide.

Emotive soundscapes with vocals and found sounds.

Chamfered Corner
A sound installation using a live audio feed from outside the venue to automate a piece of music inside.

1210 Sounds
Generative and reactive music

+ More
Interactive installations
Live Chat roulette..

Simplexity Applied
@ Centerspace Gallery, Bristol – 12th February 2010

Design by AJT

Simplexity Applied: Motions Perception Interactions presents a unique collection of works produced by the vibrant Postgraduate Community at University of Wales Newport.

Simplexity implies that simple processes, through a dynamic resolution of technologies, can trigger new phenomena in the human mind. Following this agenda, these emerging works explore the aesthetic boundaries of human perception and propose new ways of engagement through artistic or ideological concepts of motions, perceptions and interactions. These cross-media works subject their participant to such an experience that stimulates novel sensory-motor experiences, self-reflection and creative pleasure.

Cai Matthews – Percepta, Audiovisual Environment with Biofeedback Sound Composition
Matt Jackson – Spirus, Responsive Audiovisual Installation
Kiel Long – The Static Organ project: Mind Drops, Audiovisual Environment based on Biofeedback; Mind Pool, Biofeedback Responsive Sculpture
Aidan Taylor – Cyclic, Experimental Music Composition Tool
Russell Chambers – Memetracker, 3D Motion Picture exploring the Concept of Meme.

CentreSpace Gallery
Bristol City Centre
6 Leonard Lane
Bristol, BS1 1AE

Opening hours:

Sat 13 Feb – Tues 23 Feb
Sat 13, 11am – 6.00 pm
Mon 15 – Thurs 18, 11am – 5.30pm
Fri 19 – Sat 20, 10am – 6.00 pm
Mon 22 – Tues 23, 11am – 5.30pm

Dialogue .5 @ The Attic – 26/11/09

Dialogue .5
Design by AJT

This months event forms part of the ‘All around You’ sound season 09 that has been curated by Arnolfini, The Cube Microplex and Dialogue.

All Around You is a season of sound performances, installations, talks, workshops and film events, featuring artists and musicians who utilise and respond to space and surroundings.

All Around You brings together some of the most respected international practitioners of sound art, locally based sonic adventurers and a group of Bristol venues and groups, with the aim of pushing deeper sonic experimentalism and awareness of the sounds of human surroundings. Presenting a broad range of activities and performances, the season also provides a context for discussion and learning with talks and workshops.

The season has included a varied selection of Sonic Art, performance and installation from artists such as Francisco Lopez, Jacob Kirkegaard, Jez Riley French, Minotaur Shock and Lucas Ligeti.

All Around You

  • Stage Lineup:


EVILS is Cardiff electronic music producer Michael Micron. He first came to attention with the Pig Fucker EP, released as a free download at the end of 2005. The eponymous lead track sampled the male rape scene from the movie ‘Deliverance’ and somehow reached number 12 in Radio 1’s Festive 50.

Since then Evils has produced several remixes and releases, including the Give Me Evils EP on Peski Records and double A side single on Kruger Singles Club. This year saw the release of debut album Hello Children Everywhere, which came out on Shape Records (mp3 download and limited edition vinyl) It was written, performed and produced by Evils and is partly influenced by DAF, Vangelis, Yellow Magic Orchestra, French techno and computer game melodies. Additional production came from electronics wizard Frank Naughton, a member of Rocketgoldstar and formerly one half of µ-ziq.

Live, EVILS has supported other electronic artists such as Ladytron, Hot Chip, Kid Carpet, DJ Scotch Egg, Daedelus, Mikachu and Acid Casuals. He used to be found playing his entire set from the confines of a child’s Wendy house but has now graduated to a full live synth band. It includes Lee from Attack & Defend and Murray from Frederick Stanley Star and Failed Nasa Experiment, helping him make an infernal, electronic racket.


Polestar, aka Jon Elliott, is one of Bristol’s most understated electronic musicians, his enthusiasm for electronica rising from a lifetime of listening to Kraftwerk, Cabaret Voltaire and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Jon Performs with the multi-touch Lemur interface, providing a rare opportunity to see one in action.

The Cyclists

Kassian Sheppard, Aidan Taylor and Matt Jackson performing three free-form pieces for laptop, cello and no-input mixing. Kassian and Aidan will be running their own audio software applications built in Max/MSP and Matt will be connecting the output of his mixing desk back into its own inputs to create audible feedback oscillations. The three pieces hold a priority for texture over structure in sound content.

  • Installation Setup:

Jamie Thomas – The Karman Cubes v2

A new version in the series of interactive sound tools that places the body at the center and focus for musical interaction and reflection. This piece was exhibited as part of Vision On: Hearing things at Ffotogallery Nov 09.


Vision on


Matt Jackson – Spirum

Spirus is a sound emitting double helix that is manipulated using four physical controls. The idea is to immerse the user into an audio and visual feedback loop, whereby both user input and output are intrinsically interconnected.



Kiel Long – Mind Drops Series

Three videos based on dynamic data, gathered from EEG sensors measuring the brain activity of the artist whilst enacting feeding, sleeping and meditating. This piece forms part of the Static Organ Collection that has been exhibited as part of Ffotogallery’s Vision On programme 09

Vision On


Ben White – Attenborough

Dialogue .4 @ Arnolfini, Bristol

Dialogue .4 Flyer Front
Flyer Front
Dialogue .4 Flyer Back
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Dialogue .3 @ The Attic, Bristol

Dialogue.3 Flyer
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The third installment of an eclectic series of events featuring: exciting new instruments, experimental music video, and live performance.

This event was streamed live on, select Dialogue to tune in.


floor: TECH LAB/discussion/research

Aidan Taylor: Cyclic v2.0

Software that employs an accessible user interface for the creation of instant, infinite, non-linear music.

Jamie Thomas: Digital Cube Interface

Exhibition of a non-tactile computer music interface. Come along and spin some virtual sound cubes.

Matt Jackson: Tangiblocks

Taking inspiration from the Reactable, Tangiblocks generates audio-visual material from the physical relationship between cubes placed on an interactive table. Huge complexity arises from the interaction between a single user and relatively few sounds and effects.


stage: voices

Bristol Feral Choir vs Intel Splinters:

Improvised vocal reverie from Bristol’s Feral Choir, Fashioned and teased towards oblivion by out resident sound mangler


a composer who specializes in beautiful,looped vocals that sit on a bed of music concrete.


Spoken word and song, forming new identities in an ever shifting electronic vocaleidoscope.

Modified Toys:

Text-To-speech mini-sandpit experiment. The Audience is invited to respond to the text stimulus by typing an associated word into the TTS composition.


screen: audio/visual explorations

James T Sargent: A Construction of three

In the process of creating a piece of work based on his ideas of self identity, James found defining himself only led to greater self confusion, something which ultimately became the immediate experience of who he was. James decided to show this confusion in a vivid and expressive way, the result is a Construction of Three.

Kiel Long: The Static Organ

Three audio-visual pieces inspired by our mind, thought processes and brain waves –

Brain box, Sleeping, Mind Drops. Created using data gathered from a brain-computer interface (E.E.G.), this work highlights the abundant activity of this complex organ.


Guest DJ Set:

James Pearce (Phallus in Wonderland)

Selecting the music this time round is James from the band Phallus In Wonderland, who’ll deliver a complementary blend to the night’s live proceedings.


Dialogue .2 @ The Attic

Dialogue.2 Flyer Front
Flyer Front
Dialogue2 Flyer Back
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The second installment of an eclectic series of events featuring: new instruments, experimental music video, and live performance.


floor: TECH LAB/discussion/research

Andy Best: Musical Twittering

We make better music together, in under 140 characters.

Alexander Thomas: The Karmen Cube

Exhibition of a non-tactile computer music interface. Come along and spin some virtual sound cubes.

Kiel Long: The Static Organ

A series of work inspired by our mind, thought processes and brain waves. Beginning with a collection of media created using data gathered from a brain-computer interface (E.E.G), highlighting the abundant activity of this complex organ.


stage: Live Improvisation

Matthew Lovett & Ian Watson:

Ian Watson produces sound from broken down, found and re-kindled electronics and tape for ‘The Sound of Aircraft Attacking Britain’ and ‘Lowe Opta’. He has self-released several projects alongside Richard Bowers, Mark Jollliffe and Dsic on Phantomhead Recordings and has 2 forthcoming releases on Dielectric Records in the U.S.

Matthew Lovett is an improvising musician with a background in free jazz as well as computer-based performance. After training with Keith Tippett he went to work with Full Circle, multi-instrumentalist Deri Roberts and his recent work includes a collaboration with percussionist Javier Carmona and electronics/turnablist Kamil Korolczuk on an extended Techno-based improvisation for night clubs. His current work explores embodied cognition in the relationship between improvisation and human consciousness.

Intel Splinters:

More improvising elec-trickery from our resident sound mangler.

The Sinehacker~ Ensemble:

Right at home with the repetitive and the minimal, playing with noise and homemade toys. Surefire circuit bent quirk. Featuring DSR on guitar and effects.

Sweaty Pheasant:

An advocate of Environmental Sound who plucks his sound palette from the sonic atmosphere. Sweaty Pheasant is interested in exploring sounds ordinarily ignored by society, forging provocative and original compositions along the way.


screen: experimental music video

Smoo: Work in Progress

Cinematic tape saturation. Digitally twisted; sublimely calm.

The Chamfered Corner:Lament for Cogs and Wheels

Lose track of momentum to embrace the stillness of the journey.


Guest DJ Set:

sqwrk: Voco Oh No!

Kicking off our series of guest DJs is sqwrk, presenting Voco Oh No! A once-only genre-dodger that showcases music’s fascination with the robotic voice. A range of compelling alternative cuts (don’t expect an average electro set) will be played throughout the evening.


Dialogue .1 @ The Attic

Dialogue .1 Flyer
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