The Karman Objects

The Karman Objects are a set intangible human computer interfaces for musical interaction. The project aims to explore the body’s role in expressive sound production and manipulation through creating new and engaging virtual instruments that place the body at the center and focus for interaction. The project as a whole aims to create a synergetic audio-visual environment that can be tailored towards a number of different applications, from performance to installation using the same technological means.

Click on the link bellow to download the Karman Faders application. In order to use the software you will need a web camera and a set of speakers. This software has not been extensively tested, so I do not offer any warranty for its use. Please use at your own risk.

For any questions or to report any bugs please get in touch

  • Software

KFaders v.2.1


Download – Mac OS X

Updates: Sends MIDI Data, Drag and drop sound files, Audio manipulation controls, Mapped Keys.

KFaders Pic

KFaders v.1 – Simple Version


Download – Mac OS X


  • Live at Dialogue .8

  • Installation @ Islington Mill, Manchester

  • Photos
  • Max for Live Devices – Coming Soon