This section of the site contains practice based research and project documentation from Andy Best, Jamie Thomas and Kiel Long. Click on the links to access their research sites.
  • Andy Best – Nightingale

Nightingale is a cross-platform multimedia project that explores the use of the messaging service Twitter as a means to provide data for creating generative music. More specifically, the aim is not to use Twitter as a glorified means to generate random numbers, but to be able to bring across an aural indication of the feeling conveyed within the messages.

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Andy Best Research Site

  • Jamie Thomas – The Karman Cube

The Karman Cube is an intangible interface for musical performance. It is designed to utilizes low spec web camera technology found in most modern computers. This sensory system can track a persons gestural hand and body movement in real time in order to control a simple and intuitive interface. This project attempts to combat some of the apparent problems musicians are faced with when using standard interfacing peripherals.

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Jamie Thomas Research Site

  • Kiel Long – The Static Organ

The static organ is a series of audio-visual works and interactive installation pieces
that are made using bio-feedback data that is taken from brainwave measurements. The emphasis of the project is to show how this seemingly static organ is continually active, showing everyday and common tasks as complex functions of a highly active organ.

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Kiel Long Research Site

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